Akira Amano Designs Yukata for Sale at Upcoming Exhibition in Kyoto

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The Kyoto University of Art and Design’s Galerie Aube will hold an original exhibition titled “NEW Akira Amano Exhibition in Kyoto” from January 20 to February 12. The event organizers announced some of the event’s contents on Tuesday.

The venue will display newly designed original yukata by Amano as well as 120 key animation frames. The yukata designs are based on Amano’s manga series Reborn! and ēlDLIVE. Interested visitors can place orders for the yukata at the venue. There aren’t plans to make the clothing available anywhere else.

Four hanging scrolls depicting ēlDLIVE’s Chūta Kokonose and Misuzu Sonokata and Reborn!’s Tsunayoshi Sawada and Kyoya Hibari will be on display. Visitors will be able to pick up bookmarks with art from both series along with 25 other kinds of limited edition goods curated by Amano.

A special round table discussion with the cast of ēlDLIVE and a 10th anniversary REBORN cast event are also planned.

Amano launched the original ēlDLIVE series in full color on Shonen Jump+’s predecessor app Jump Live in August 2013. The manga switched to Shonen Jump+ when the app launched in September 2014. Viz Media published the first three chapters of the manga in