Animedia Outlines Premise For “Dragon Ball Super” Universe Survival Arc

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If you’ve been following Dragon Ball Super, you probably deduced the premise for Dragon Ball Super’s anticipated Universe Survival Arc when the visual was revealed. January 10th was anime magazine release day in Japan, and from this, the February issue of Animedia came out, confirming your DBS suspicions. See who will be fighting in the grand tournament and why…



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Here’s the Animedia blurb on the Universe Survival Arc. Not too much new here, but nice to see Kuririn is still “the strongest Earthling”.

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And, more near-term 


Spoilers for DBS eps.74-77:

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The arc starts February 5th with series creator Akira Toriyama overseeing the designs and plotting of this story.


The anime will also be introducing new theme “Gentaki Toppa x Survivor” by Kiyoshi Hikawa. The rock opening will be the 39-year-old enka singer’s first anison work.  



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