Bring Doraemon’s Gadgets Home with New Dishware Sets

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Starting tomorrow, the Japanese Postal Service’s online shop will be giving you access to all sorts of amazing gadgets for cheating on tests, manifesting tools from alternate dimensions, and changing the fate of others — or, at least, dishes that look like those gadgets.



Four sets of Doraemon goods will mirror the characters, items, and high-tech tools of the beloved children’s series, all while being useful in the kitchen.



The first set consists of a placemat shaped like Doraemon’s tummy, a semicircular plate meant to represent his dimensional pocket, and a bell-shaped chopstick rest. The set will cost 3,000 yen (about $25.71), shipping included.


The second set (no photo available) consists of four dishes: two shaped like the Lie 800 bottle (as seen in Doraemon Comes Back) and two more themed plates. This set, too, will cost 3,000 yen with shipping included.



The third set includes two Memory Bread-shaped toast plates and a red mug with Doraemon dressed as a postman printed on it — ideal for a small personal breakfast set. This will cost 2,500 yen (about $21.43), shipping included.


The final set includes all the unique items from the