Ellen-Sensei Returns to Educate Youth in Alcohol Board Game

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Last year saw the rise of Ellen Baker, an assistant language teacher in the latest edition of Japan’s first-year New Horizon junior-high English textbook. The blonde teacher immediately endeared herself to Internet users. She inspired so much fan art that the publisher and creator asked for discretion in how she was depicted. The Internet being what it is, unauthorized products were made anyway. Her claim to fame was short-lived, and her relevancy had all but died down in a few months.

Twitter user @PPPppppppQQQ showed where Ellen has been hiding these past months.

「ビールすごろく」ってw てか、エレン先生?エレン・ベーカー先生じゃないっすか!! pic.twitter.com/11OaaLO1P8

— @館長 (@PPPppppppQQQ) January 10, 2017

The character appears in an official sugoroku board game. The game plays similar to Snakes and Ladders, and players use dice to determine how far their pieces can travel along a path. The Ellen version of the game seeks to educate youth about the dangers of underage drinking.

The pink text in the middle of the game board reads, “Life changes with one beer. For better or for worse.” The characters on the board highlight different problems youth may face if they partake in underage drinking. The listed risks range from impotence and irregular