Get Kira and Rohan’s Fashion Items in JoJo’s Twitter Campaign!

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Bandai’s fashion info website Ban-Colle! (Bandai Fashion Collection) is holding a Twitter campaign on its official account, and you have the chance of winning character goods based on the TV anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable written by Hirohiko Araki. The campaign is being held from January 10th to 26th.

This campaign is being held to commemorate the collaboration between JoJo and Converse in which a JoJo-edition ‘ALL STAR 100’ sneaker is to be released by Bandai. The prizes of the campaign include Yoshikage Kira’s tie and Rohan Kishibe’s earring, so the fans can put them on and become the characters!

In order to get these prizes, you first must follow the Ban-Colle!’s twitter account, and retweet the campaign tweet. When the number of retweets hits 3000, 4 retweeters who are chosen by lottery will win a prize! For more information, check out the campaign’s official website!

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source: translator: nifa