I went to CHARACRO feat. TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising-!

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Hello everyone! I’m Ayumi, one of the top otaku at MANGA.TOKYO!
This time, I went to the CHARACRO Akihabara Branch which is currently collaborating with the movie TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising-! Here is the experience report for you.
I will explain how to make a reservation with images later, so look forward to it.

I arrived at Akihabara, Tokyo with excitement!

Go straight at the intersection from the station, walk for a while and you will see Café&Bar CHARACRO.

The stylish entrance is hard to miss.

It was like the HERO’S BAR from the movie!

Barnaby’s jacket was near the table I was given. The jacket is Barnaby’s personal jacket.

T&B motifs were everywhere!
Origami-sempai was visible under the TV.

At the corner of the bar, there was an item which appeared in the movie!

The inside of the restaurant was spacious. There were seats for one person, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t have anyone to go with. TIGER & BUNNY’s motifs and corporate marks were scattered around here and there, and as a fan it made me want to explore every nook and cranny of the restaurant.

There were things in the washroom that made me smile!

It was fun in the washroom! I stayed there for a while to read articles [laugh]

When you enter the restaurant, they give you a stamp card and an original sticker.
As you collect the stamps, your level goes up and you can get nice original goods for each card!

How do you order?

Unlike normal restaurants, they use iPads to order.
They have illustrations and descriptions, so it’s very easy to understand!

You can take pictures in the restaurant, but take note that taking videos and recordings are prohibited.
Also, it’s prohibited to move the seats or take out the voting coins which I’ll tell you about later.

Each drink comes with an original coaster. I can’t help but collect them…!

Food and drink

After ordering on an iPad, I positioned a figure on the table to take a picture!

While playing with Buddy from S.H Figuarts (a figure series by Bandai) which I introduced before, the dishes came one after another.

Barnaby’s Beef Stroganoff

This is a combination of ketchup rice in the shape of Barnaby’s emblem and rich Beef Stroganoff. Don’t save the crispy seaweed for last since it gets soft quickly: put it into your mouth as soon as you take a picture.

Here’s a picture with “12PM Kotetsu・T・Kaburagi” with a reputation of being able to change his clothing.

The rice went really well with the sauce. This was a filling dish with a lot of ingredients. The potato salad on the side was creamy. This was a well-balanced dish overall.

The next dish is “Uroboros Ajillo”

This is ajillo with octopus, potato and broccoli. The shredded red pepper scattered on the top was spicy and contributed to the delightfulness of the dish!

“Tiger’s Plaything Omurice Plate”

I feel like I said “kawaii” ten times in the space between getting it and finishing it.
They filled the ear part with cheese and potatoes, and the texture was so creamy.
The eggs were soft and fluffy, the sauce was rich demiglace and made me nostalgic somehow. Anyway just order it because it’s cute!

I ordered five non-alcoholic drinks!
From the left side, they’re the drinks of Lunatic, Kotetsu, Ryan, Barnaby, and Kotetsu’s daughter Kanade-chan. They all came with nice coasters ♪

You can also enjoy alcohol at Café&Bar CHARACRO.
This is “Shouchu・Kotetsu”, you can have it on the rocks, with water, or with hot water!
This was dry shouchu so I think alcohol lovers will like it. It was also perfect with the ajillo above.

“HERO’S Label#1”, “Kaburagi Liquor Store $2 Liquor”

You can have wine by the glass or the bottle.
$2 liquor is inspired by the alcohol Kotetsu was drinking in the movie. You can choose between whiskey and lychee-oolong (non-alcoholic), so no need to worry for those who can’t drink.

Drinks of Lunatic and Buddy shone with light! Of course they tasted good ♡

Kaede-chan’s drink was very sweet and delicious strawberry milk.

They expressed Ryan’s hero suit with orange!

Every food and drink expressed the anime or the movie, so it was a great time for a fan. There are a lot more things on the menu, so enjoy your favorite characters’ dishes.

A sudden blaring out of the theme song “Orion wo Nazoru”

It suddenly got dark inside…
I was looking around like, “What’s going on?”

Suddenly “Orion wo Nazoru” blared out.
Surprisingly, it seemed a special video had been released due to a transmission problem in the restaurant!

Everyone was clapping and getting excited!
A restaurant where you can listen to your favorite theme song loudly while enjoying a good meal… what more could you want?

You can vote for each order you make!

Each time when you order food and drink, you get coins like this.

You use the coins for…

…voting with this machine!
The topic changes after a certain period of time. It was “a hero out of whose life you’d like to make a spin-off movie” this time.

Put the coin in and touch the screen. Touch it with love.

You can also vote for many characters.

I finished my last order and thought it was the end… but

You need to make your last order for foods in 50 minutes and for drinks in 60 minutes from the start. After everything finished, when I was remembering the fun time here, it got dark in the restaurant again. What’s next?

A rock-paper-scissors tournament in which all the customers participated was held!
The winner gets the right to spin a roulette. Depending on where the roulette stops, that character’s movie will be played.

This is the roulette you spin.
Who’s going to win?

I lost at the first round. What the hell.

The result was Sky High!
There was a delighted woman who loves Sky High♡
Thank you! And again, thank you!
Sky High’s video had scenes where you can laugh and scenes where you can cry, it was nice…! There was a scene where I almost cried. Everyone was excited together. That was a part during which I felt the warmth of fans of T&B.

100 minutes of T&B

It was 100 minutes full of T&B, no matter where you look and what you eat.
It really passed in the blink of an eye and I was surprised like, “Is it already over?” People say that good times pass quickly, and I think that’s exactly what happens in CHARACRO.
The servers are energetic, kind and give pleasant customer service. From the bottom of my heart, I feel like this is heaven for fans of T&B.
I left the restaurant being dragged out by a companion while grouching “I don’t want to leave…”

Wide variety of goods

A wide variety of cute goods! Most of them are exclusive to this restaurant.
You can order them before your last call, so don’t forget souvenirs…!

How to make a reservation and how to get there! Try it out!

For reservations, go to this website →

Click on where the pink circle is attachedTIGER

There are branches in Ikebukuro and Akihabara. Choose one.
Since I went to the Akihabara Branch, I’ll click on Akihabara!

The places marked with ○ sign are the dates with some spots left, so click on the date and the time slot during which you want to go.
And then you need to fill in your personal information. Your name, email address, phone number, number of people and choose the number of your visit, and it’s done.
Save the email from the restaurant and bring your ID; it’ll be perfect for entering the restaurant!

Also, even if you don’t have a reservation, if there’s a sign on the door saying “Vacancy”, talk to the host and you’ll be able to walk in. The restaurant is also collaborating with Yowamushi Pedal as well as TIGER & BUNNY, so when you visit Akihabara, check it out! The collaboration with TIGER & BUNNY is until the end of January! I also recommend to come and take pictures before the Hollywood version starts! You’ll be proud of it ♡

Farewell from me and Kotetsu-san! See you!