Introducing sweet kitsune udon for your eating pleasure…probably

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As if there weren’t enough crazy sweet flavors to satiate our rumbling stomachs! 

No one likes to be left out. Whether you’re an individual, a group or a whole company, if you’re not in on the fad of the season, it’s time to figure out a way to get in the game. For instant noodle company, Maruchan, they’ve been severely lacking in the sweet instant noodle contest.

To catch up with their competitors, Maruchan will release “sweet kitsune udon” on January 23, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This new take on the classic kitsune udon (sweetened deep-fried tofu pocket in soup with udon noodles) will pack an even sweeter punch that will match up with the saccharine love that exists during the holiday. With specially created flavors that are finished with a light soy sauce taste, this instant noodle will have you believing in love at first taste!

You probably wouldn’t think of udon as a great Valentine’s Day gift, but thankfully the new flavor also comes with new packaging that will not-so-subtly let you know its purpose. It’s pretty