Japan’s Tower Records allows fans to obsess in style

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Don’t just stuff your autographs and fan goods into a box – cover your walls with them!

Even if you’re not familiar with the Japanese music scene, you might have heard about how crazy the fans are (and not always in a bad way). They aren’t satisfied with simply listening to music; they want to live it. They attend concerts, meet-and-greets, and pretty much anything that will get them closer to their favorite artists.

Of course, being a fan isn’t cheap. Many fans spend their money on much more than just the concert ticket fee to enjoy their show fully. They purchase merchandise, create posters and banners, and more to show their support. For meet-and-greets, a CD purchase or two is almost always required to get a signature from the bands or groups that you’re into. Even in the age of digital music, Japan loves CDs.

So, where do you put all that stuff? Tower Records, one of Japan’s biggest retail music chains (also famous for its exciting collaboration cafes), has released a line of