Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Series Review

Original Source

'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

Art & Music

The media of the show would be considered rather basic. Decent animation, but nothing jaw-dropping, with the battle being interesting at best. The colours are very dim throughout the whole show, as it mostly take place at night. That makes sense, but on the other hand, I personally wouldn’t mind some colourful funkiness when I’m light-heartedly watching underage women kill each other in funny outfits.

The voice acting is sufficient, with some pretty cool performances by Megumi Ogata (Cranberry) and Inori Minase (Swim Swim), but you will not find any superstar voice actors playing here. The music is what you would expect on a show of that style and content, with an upbeat emotional song (‘Sakebe’ by Manami Numakura) as an opening theme (this ‘IMAAAAA’ screaming will be staying with me for a while) and the ending an uninteresting jrock song (‘Dreamcatcher’ by Nano).

Themes & Trivia

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku belongs to that very long list of Magical Girl themed anime, spanning off from Sailor Moon to this day. The extravagant transformations, sexy fantasy clothing and special power of each girl are all stereotypical traits of the genre. However, I find its content to be less