“Seiren” OP Single Set to Hit Shelves Next Month

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School comedy/romance Seiren has already hit the ground running, and you can currently buy the TV-size version of singer Hanako Oku’s “Kimi no Hana” on iTunes and Recochoku. But if you’re gunning for the full version, you’ll only have to wait ’til next month; it’s been announced that Oku’s new single will be hitting shelves next month.



The full-length version of the theme will be paired with “Last Kiss,” a love ballad described as the antithesis to its A-side. The lyrics are a farewell to a loved one, backed by a dramatic instrumental enhanced with a string section.


Prior to Seiren, Oku provided music for the theatrical version of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, performing both the opening theme “Garnet” and the insert song “Kawaranai Mono.”



The full-length “Kimi no Hana” single goes on sale February 22.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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