The Male “Absolute Territory”: Socks with Suit Pants

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Just don’t wear short socks

Zettai ryōiki (“Absolute Territory”), or the miniskirt/thigh-high stocking combo favored by some Japanese high school girls, is a pervasive fetish in Japanese pop culture, as a glance at female characters in anime or light novel covers will tell you. But is there a male equivalent? Given how rarely men in Japan bare their skin, it might seem not to be the case, but one Twitter user shared her preferred zettai ryōiki on January 8.

Socks! @musashiyellow writes that she wants to pinch Achilles’ heels when they are revealed by men climbing staircases. She also approves of men folding their suit pants up to reveal their socks all the time (it’s “clever-cute”). The best socks are long silk hoses (the thin look is very mature), ribbed high socks (they’re practical and standard), and sneaker socks (quite cute in the summer). In a later tweet she singles out long silk hoses as the best. The no-no, however, is wearing short socks, since skin might be revealed.

@musashiyellow’s tweet has been retweeted 11,000 times, suggesting that a fair amount of people out there agree with her. Later she thanked everyone for the attention it got, since