TV Anime Chain Chronicle: Asami Imai and Kotori Koiwai Talk About the Work’s Powerful Action

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The TV Anime Chain Chronicle ~Haecceitas no Hikari~ began airing this month. To commemorate the beginning of the TV series, Animate Shinjuku held a special event in their with an guest-list including members of the cast. The event showed the first 20 minutes of Part 1 of the movie compilations along with a live commentary and a talk show with the cast.

The guests were Kotori Koiwai (who plays Juliana), Asami Imai (who plays Mishidia) and producer Yuichi Yamada. Ahead of the airing of the TV version, the event played the first 20 minutes of the compilation movies (released in cinemas in Japan on December 3rd 2016) along with a live commentary and was followed by a talk show so the audience could get to know the characters and the world of Chain Chronicle a little more.

After watching the 20-minute clip, Koiwai commented “I don’t think there are that many works recently that that work so hard and have this much power, it’s amazing!”
According to Yamada, the battle scene that appeared in the clip was a mixture of hand-drawn and computer-generated animation, which is what helped to create a more effective and powerful scene.

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