TV Anime Seiren: Tv Size Version of OP ‘Kimi no Hana’ by Hanako Oku Released

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It has been announced that Hanako Oku will be releasing her 17th Single on February 22nd. The Double A-Side single will contain the tracks ‘Kimi no Hana’ and ‘Saikyou no Kiss’. More track information has also been announced.

‘Kimi no Hana’ is being used as the opening theme for the original TV anime ‘Seiren’, the first episode of which has recently aired on TBS.
This bright, uptempo tune is not the only theme song Oku has provided for an anime, with her song ‘Garnet’ having been used as the theme song for the movie ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’.
The second track, however, can be said to be the opposite to ‘Kimi no Hana’ as it is a ballad about heartbreak. As a song about ‘leaving the person you love’, the sad lyrics can be said to show Oku’s true talent. The instruments include a string arrangement, and it is a magnificent and dramatic piece.

Also, coupled with the regular edition is the indie single ’Tsumiki’, which many fans wanted to be made into a CD from her concert last year.
Even many of Oku’s fans are not familiar with this song, so it’s a wonderful chance to be able to get to know the Oku from the beginning of her career.

Ahead of the release of the single, the TV-size version of Kimi no Hana has been released on digital music platforms such as Recochoku and iTunes. For those of you who have seen ‘Seiren’ and like the single, you can enjoy this before the full version is released.
The full-size version of Kimi no Hana is due to be aired on the bayfm radio program ‘Oku Hanako no Lagan de Talk!’, which will broadcast on January 15th at 22:30. This will be the first time the public can hear the full-size version!

As well as the regular version of ‘Kimi no Hana / Saikyou no Kiss’, a ‘Seiren Version’ will also be released on the same day, 22nd February. The jacket of ‘Seiren Version’ of the single will newly-drawn illustrations.
Oku will also appear at the ‘Minna no Utau Concert’ at Kuki cultural Center in Saitama. on February 11th. She will surely show us an energetic performance with the release of the new single.