What is a Cour and a Season in Anime?

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Anime terminology is as niche as its fans. You have probably heard the terms anime season and single cour in anime forums and streaming sites. Our Anime Review section is divided in seasons like ‘Summer’ and ‘Fall.’ Some series end after airing just twelve episodes while others continue for dozens, if not hundreds. What is going on here?

If you are new to anime, you might find all these terms confusing. Let’s get our cours and seasons in a row, shall we?

What is a cour?

Cour ‎(plural cours) | IPA: /kuʁ/
a three-month unit of television broadcasting
a portion of a television program aired over the course of one such period

Etymology: From Japanese クール (kuuru), from French cours. Attested in English among the anime community from at least 2007.

The word cour is used to measure the length of an anime series. In general, a single cour has 10 to 14 episodes that run during a three-month period that coincides with the seasons. That’s why one cour belongs to either the Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall season.

Winter Season: January, February, March
Spring Season: April, May, June
Summer Season: July, August, September
Fall Season: October, November, December

Episodic anime are usually broadcast as either a