Why are Japanese light novel names so ridiculously long? Author’s latest has 27 words

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Pretentiousness run amok, or madness with a method to it?

Traditional Japanese culture prizes simplicity and shuns excess. This is, after all, the country that likes to take the time to appreciate the beauty of a solitary arranged flower or single cup of green tea.

At the same time, authors of “light novels,” Japan’s literary equivalent to young adult fiction, are known for being anything but pithy. Light novel readers, on the whole, are a pretty accepting bunch as far as high-word-count prose is concerned, and that attitude extends to the titles of books that fall into the category as well.

But even with that backdrop, people in Japan are stunned by the name of an upcoming release from major light novel publisher Dengeki Bunko. Going on sale March 10 is the first book in a new series from author Uwami Kuruma, which is called:

Sew for Her! Strip Her? Change Her Clothes!! She Screwed Up Her High School Debut and Became a Shut-In, so I’ve Ended Up Coordinating Her