Anime ‘3-gatsu no Lion’: Second Season Announced for Fall 2017

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Winter 2017 shogi anime 3-gatsu no Lion quietly announced the second season of the anime with an amazing introductory animation on their official website. The final episode of the anime will broadcast in 18 March. The anime will be followed by a 2-part live-action movie adaptation.


3-gatsu no Lion is based on a manga by Chica Umino and tells the story of a young professional shogi player called Rei and his struggle to cope with depression, his personal relationships, and the pressure of competitive gaming. 3-gatsu no Lion was part of MANGA.TOKYO’s episodic anime reviews for Winter 2017. Read all the reviews here.

The Real-life Tokyo of Chica Umino’s ‘3-Gatsu no Lion’ Manga

TV anime ‘3-gatsu no Lion’

Broadcasting from October 8 at 23:00 via NHK General TV

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