Anime Video Market in Japan Sees 15.8% Decrease in 2016

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Anime home video market follows general home video market trend

The Japan Video Software Association (JVA) released its 12-month statistical report on March 14 on video software sales in Japan from January to December 2016. The report stated that anime DVD and Blu-ray Disc sales, including rentals, amounted to 54.420 billion yen (about US$483.6 million), a 15.8% decrease from last year.

Sales and rentals of both anime and foreign animation combined amounted to 61.885 billion yen (about US$550 million), a 15% decrease from last year. The amount represents 31.9% of the entire DVD and Blu-ray Disc sales market, and 26.1% of the rental market.

Excluding rentals, home video sales of anime for general audiences amounted to 41.849 billion yen (about US$371 million), a 14.7% decrease from last year’s figure. The sales were 27.3% of the overall home video sales market. Blu-ray Disc sales of anime for general audiences totaled 32.043 billion yen (US$284.8 million), a 17.6% decrease from last year. The anime for general audiences Blu-ray Disc sales made up 38.3% of Blu-ray Disc sales in general, the largest portion of any category. DVD sales in the category totaled 9.806 billion (US$87.1 million), down 3.8% from 2015. Sales in