Answerman – Quick Answers Part 1

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A few years ago, Answerman changed up its format a little bit, and we started giving each question its own column several times a week, rather than answering a bunch of questions once a week. The new format’s been great — old questions are easier to find, and I can give new ones a much deeper dive than I might’ve been able to in the old format. But I also get occasional questions that are just a little TOO easy to answer. These are questions that I might be able to devote a paragraph to, but not much more than that. If it’s a really good question sometimes I answer by email. But it’s kind of a waste to not use them at all.

So, every once in a while, I’ll do a “lightning round” where I’ll go through and answer a bunch of quick questions in one go. Sound good? Here we go!

Cesar asks:

It sucks that Ordinal Scale doesn’t have any screenings where I live (the Caribbean for the time being). I think I can recall DBZ Battle of Gods having a screening somewhere a few years back, and it’s still popular enough that you’ll occasionally