Artist gives new life to old Pokémon cards with gorgeously painted alters 【Pics】

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The sun isn’t setting for this Lapras, it’s rising again!

It’s always great to see old, forgotten things given new life by creative and talented people. Whether it’s 100 yen store goods beings used in new and surprising ways or turning worn out pencil stubs into new writing utensils, there’s just something magical that happens every time an old or boring item gets a new shot in the spotlight.

And what better to spruce up than old Pokémon cards? Sure, those cards buried deep away in some box in your closet are still fun to look at as they are, but one online artist named Lunumbra has been turning them into incredible works of art.

▼ Not sure if the altered one on the right is okay to use in a tournament,
but it’s definitely okay to frame and put on your wall!

Lunumbra says that they use acrylic paints and sealant to breathe new life into old and/or damaged Pokémon cards. Every card alteration is one of a kind, depending on the client’s wishes. Sometimes old favorite cards are repaired and improved to hand down to children, matching cards are made as gifts, background are combined among several cards for