Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water [Limited Edition] Blu-Ray 3

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Occasionally, I have to wonder if anyone in this series know what the word “fair” means? Granted, that’s likely a purposeful question, since the series follows the grand old tradition of dystopian young adult fiction by pitting teens against each other in a spectator sport. The Asterisk War‘s version of this is the Festa system, a rotating series of gladiatorial bouts where students from the five schools on Rikka fight to determine a champion—and perhaps drum up some revenue for their corporate sponsors, the conglomerates who have taken the place of government. So perhaps the more questionable actions within the fights, such as the use of “puppets” (basically robots) or invisibility powers are intended to point out that this is a free-for-all between children for the delectation of an audience. After all, if we accept the premise of the Festa with no issue, we aren’t as likely to see the rot lurking just beneath its surface.

Part of that rot is the existence of an underground Festa, the Eclipse Festa. Ayato and Julis learn of its existence when they track down Dirk of Rewolfe and try to get information from him about Ayato’s missing sister. He tells them that in