ClassicaLoid ‒ Episode 23

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After all the silliness, everything comes down to this. In its final two episodes, ClassicaLoid finally delivers on the big Bach-sama confrontation that’s been building since the beginning. The Eight Sounds Device, or Octovas, is ready, and we finally learn what Bach plans to do with it: create a whole new world. So does ClassicaLoid’s final two-parter live up to all the build-up?

So far, I have to answer a resounding yes. This episode was engrossing from start to finish, setting itself apart immediately in tone and presentation. Maybe it’s just that we’ve had so many standalone comedy vignettes that something different immediately feels refreshing. I’ve been a ClassicaLoid apologist from early on, but even I can admit that it was starting to feel stale. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly this episode zoomed past and how eager it left me for more.

While it’s mostly a plot episode, it does a lot with the characters too. This is particularly true for the cast members ClassicaLoid has typically neglected: Bach and his cohort. The show finally achieves what it’s hinted at since early on, uniting Tchaikovsky and Badarzewska with the other five non-Bach Classicaloids. Bach himself is still