Dragon Ball Super ‒ Episode 82

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The exhibition match before the Tournament of Power may be over, but the story isn’t ready to call it quits just yet. Last week unveiled the true appearance of Toppo, the cloaked bodyguard of Universe 11’s God of Destruction (the clown one, for what it’s worth). Toppo is a top-heavy, mustachioed old man not unlike Dr. Eggman from the Sonic universe, and he serves as the leader of something called the “Pride Troopers.” Toppo is a man of justice and a conquerer of evil. He’s portrayed as a wholly heroic figure, and thus he obviously has a beef with Goku who currently stands as Universal Enemy Number One.

Not wanting to back down from a fight, Goku gladly accepts Toppo’s impromptu challenge, and Zen-Oh is more than happy to let things play out. Being such a big deal in his home universe (especially when we remember that Goku’s Universe 7 is already considered one of the weaker ones), Toppo is clearly going to be a powerhouse. He was played up as super cool and mysterious when he was hiding under a cloak, but now that’s he’s in the limelight we see the dorkiness of his sinerity as he fights, strikes