Eureka Seven Movie Trilogy to be Released + Staff Comments

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

News is spreading that Eureka Seven will get a movie trilogy and the first part to be produced will be called *Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution.

Hi-Evolution will take place at the time of the so-called ‘First Summer of Love’, 10 years before the story of the TV series. With details unknown to anyone so far, it can be said that the movies will show ‘the beginning of everything’. The first movie is scheduled to come out in 2017, the second in 2018 and the third in 2019.

Coming together again are part of the previous Eureka Seven team, including general director Tomoki Kyoda, screenwriter Dai Sato and character designer Ken’ichi Yoshida. Music will be provided by the German unit Hardfloor. There are many things named after techno songs or synthesizers in Eureka Seven, and episodes of the anime were seemingly titled after real songs. Some episodes of the anime were titled after the Acperience songs by Hardfloor, who have also named their new song Acperience 7.

Eureka Seven is a sci-fi anime and originally aired between 2005 and 2006. In 2009, the movie Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers, which takes place in a parallel world, was released and