FEATURE: “Mass Effect: Andromeda” Review

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Before we begin, fair warning: I am a massive, unapologetically biased Mass Effect fanboy. It’s easily my favorite new game franchise in a long while, and I’ve spent more time playing and replaying the original trilogy than I care to admit. I have very strong opinions on its world, its story (I legit liked ME3‘s ending, but I’ll discuss that in the comments), and had very high expectations for Mass Effect: Andromeda, the newest chapter in BioWare’s space opera RPG. Were those expectations met? Well… yes and no. Let’s start from the top:



Sometime during the events of Mass Effect 2, four massive ark ships, each carrying 50,000 individuals from representative races of our galaxy, departs for the distant Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light years away. 600 years pass, and the crew of the human ark Hyperion reaches Andromeda, and things go immediately wrong. The promised “garden world” humanity was supposed to colonize is an uninhabitable hellscape, the first aliens they meet say hello with gunfire, and nobody has any clue where the turian, salarian, or asari arks are. From here, it’s up to you, the human Pathfinder, to make things right.



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