Gintama: Yamazaki Spring ‘Mob’ Festival at 2017 J-WORLD from 25 March!

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

It has been revealed that the amusement park J-WORLD TOKYO is to hold a new event titled Gintama: Yamazaki’s Spring Mob Festival 2017 (Gintama: Yamazaki Haru no Mob Matsuri 2017) from 25 March to 7 May 2017. The event title is a parody of ‘Yamazaki Spring Bread Festival’ (Yamazaki Haru no Pan Matsuri) which is a well-known campaign held by the bakery company, Yamazaki Baking.

Gintama: Yamazaki’s Spring Mob Festival 2017 is an event which puts the spotlight on the background characters of Gintama! Side and background characters are known as ‘mob characters’ in Japanese.
There will be various foods items and games inspired by Shinsengumi Inspector Sagaru Yamazaki, along with other various characters who usually do not stand out in the story.
There will be eight limited-edition food items for this event, including ‘Baka Ouji no Cake (Stupid Prince’s Cake), ‘Hokyuu Gakari Pakuyasa no Yakisoba Pan Ichigo Au Lait Tsuki (Food Supplier Pakuyasa’s Yakisoba Bread with Strawberry Milk)’, ‘Catherine no “Sakata-sa~n, Aho no Sakata-sa~n” Cake (Catherine’s “Mr.Sakata~, Stupid Mr. Sakata~” Cake)’, and many more.
The two mini games are to be ‘An Pan Gara Pon (Bean-Jam Bun Lottery)’ and ‘Robokko Zangeshitu (Robot Girl’s Confessional)’. You can win good featuring these side characters, such