‘Hajimete no Gal’ Cast and Visuals of New Characters

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The upcoming anime Hajimete no Gal will air from July 2017. The visuals of the two main characters, Junichi and Yukana, have already been revealed. If you missed our report, you can read it here:

‘Hajimete no Gal’: Visuals of Yukana Yame and Jun’ichi Hashiba Revealed

This time, information on the additional cast has been released

Ranko Honjou (VA: Eri Kitamura)

She is one year older than Jun’ichi and Yukana and Yukana’s advisor. While Yukana is a so-called ‘shiro gal’ with pale skin, Ranko’s sun-tanned dark skin is impressive and making her a so-called ‘kuro gal’.
She is playing around with Juni’chi, using her womanly charms. A dangerous senpai!

Yui Kashii (VA: Ayana Taketatsu)

She is in the same class as Jun’ichi and with her outstanding grades and with her beautiful looks she is the dream of every boy in the class. She has long, straight black hair and it sometimes seems she takes interest in Jun’ichi. Compared to Yukana and her gal-ness, Yui is an elegant girl.
Her relationship with Yukana will also be interesting!

Nene Fujinoki (VA: Yui Ogura)

Nene and Jun’ichi have known each other since they were young, so she only calls him ‘Onii-chan’.
The gap between her petite body and her bosom seems irresistible.

Each one of them has their own charm and distracts Jun’ichi.
The voice actresses cast for these girls are also very popular, so look forward to this anime!

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