If You Are Going to Kyoto Tower, Go Now! Blue Exorcist × Kyoto Tower Collaboration Event Photo Report

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Hello, everyone! It’s Ayumi from MANGA.TOKYO.
Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc (Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen), which is getting exciting as it approaches its final episode, is doing a collaboration with Kyoto Tower!
I’m sure the key word ‘Kyoto Tower’ which was mentioned many times in the anime has piqued quite a few persons’ interest.

As someone who lives in Kyoto, I was very interested! So, I went to check it out.
What kind of collaboration was awaiting me? Let’s go!

Now, to Kyoto Tower!

Kyoto Tower is a 131m tall landmark which towers over everything in front of the Karasuma Central Gates at Kyoto Station.
Those of you who have taken a trip to Kyoto will have definitely seen it at least once! It is also the world’s tallest building without a steel frame. Inside, there are many fun and convenient establishments, such as an observation room and a bath house, that can’t be seen from the outside.

This collaboration was decided because the anime’s main character, Rin Okumura, mentions that he wants to go there.
The collaboration was originally intended to be until 26 March 2017, but due to raving reviews, it has been extended to 9 April 2017. So if you have plans to travel to Kyoto, you should definitely check it out!
To get to the tower, go straight after you exit the Karasuma Central Gates at Kyoto Station. It is visible from there so I don’t think you would get lost but if you do, ask someone nearby.

If you enter Kyoto Tower building from the west entrance, there is an elevator and observatory tickets with Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc design on sale.
The ticket vending machine also displays English, so please be rest assured when purchasing,
In this elevator, go to the 11th floor, hand over your observatory ticket and use the exclusive elevator to go to the observatory.

In the elevator that connects the 11th floor to the observatory, Rin is in charge of the announcement when going up and when going down, Yukio is charge of announcements! The announcements are in Japanese but for fans, it is a very exciting experience!

Announcements from THAT character!? An unbroken view of Kyoto from the observatory

During the collaboration, original narrations by characters from Blue Exorcist are played approximately every fifteen minutes.
The cast changes weekly so no matter how many times you come, you won’t get sick of it! I am a fan of Renzou Shima, so I went back later to hear him. [laugh]
The fact that I was able to hear new lines they don’t say in the anime, here in Kyoto… I want to prostrate myself before the producers of the event and thank them.

And finally to the observation room! A sweeping view of Kyoto!!!

Or so I thought, but it was cloudy on the day I took the pictures. I’m really very sorry. [laugh]
On Kyoto Tower’s official website, there is a panorama shot of the view from the observatory. Of course, one on a sunny day.

Kyoto Tower’s official website

When an editor visited on a later date, along with a sweeping view of Kyoto, you could see all the way to Osaka’s tallest building, Abeno Harukas.
In Kyoto, the construction of tall buildings is prohibited by law, so being able to look down on the city from an elevated position is very valuable.
Once again, being able to look down at Kyoto from a heightened position is very beautiful experience.

Inside of the observatory, there are touch panels which provide information about the well-known places, shrines and temples which can be seen from the Tower.

The screens switches between 3 patters for afternoon, evening, and night.
The service is also provided in English so feel free to use it!

On the opposite side of the view of Kyoto, there is the ‘Tawawa-chan Shrine’. That’s right, the Tawawa-chan mascot that Rin wanted is enshrined.
There are fortunes written in English and ema (wooden plaques on which you can write your wishes) on sale. As a commemoration of the day you came, you can try pulling your fortune and give an offering to the shrine by writing your wish on the ema.

After descending one flight of stairs from the top floor, there is an area with table and chairs where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.
On the opposite side, you can see the script used for the recording, duplications of the original pictures and character goods on display.
Photography was not allowed so I don’t have any pictures, but they were very valuable documents so be sure to check them out.

Looking out at the night scenery along with the display panels and original image exhibition was the best

While listening to Yukio’s announcement as I descended in the elevator, I headed for the 11th floor.
As soon as you leave the elevator, there is a souvenir corner.
This is the only place where you can buy ‘Blue Exorcist’ and Kyoto Tower collaboration goods so don’t miss out!
Details of the ‘Blue Exorcist’ goods (Japanese only)→http://www.ao-ex.com/kyototower/

There were many Tawawa-chan goods that Rin wanted! The cameraman and I found ourselves buying them reflexively [laugh]

After we enjoyed the souvenirs, we finally headed for the original image exhibition and panel display zone

After having been met by the drawing panel, there were various displays of the documents and images used in anime that usually are very hard to come across.
On the window-side, there were several display panels going on and on the opposite side, precious original images were on display.
Photography of the original images was prohibited so please visit and enjoy!

Being displayed along with the original images was…

A high quality figure of Yukio!
It was recreated right down to the last detail. To fans, it is an item to die for.
Advanced order sales were already finished so I have expectations for resale.

You can recreate the manga!? Tawawa-chan photo spot

Could this be… that scene from Vol. 9..!!
After you’ve finished looking at the displays, Tawawa-chan’s photo spot appears!!
Those who’ve read the manga should understand… Yes, that from Vol. 9.
I would like if you could round up six of your friends and recreate the original!

By the way, the actor who plays Rin Okumura in the stage play of ‘Blue Exorcist’, Ryo Kitamura, came to hang out at this corner in his private time.

Very exciting! The collaboration menu was too fashionable

And what I was most excited about this time was the ‘Blue Exorcist’ collaboration in the sky lounge, -KUU-, on the third floor of Kyoto Tower!
It seems there are many people who confuse it with the fourth and fifth floors so if you aren’t sure, please ask one of the staff members for directions.

At the entrance, you are greeted by Rin, Yukio, and Suguro.

It is a beautiful lounge with jazz playing in the background. I got a little frightened, wondering with you can really eat the collaboration menu here.

Themed drink ‘Rin Okumura’ (¥700)

‘Wow, so fashionable’
For the first shot, I was only able to respond with vocabulary unbecoming of a reporter. Has there ever been a themed drink with such an adult feel? It was very innovative.
It was a lemon squash inspired by Satan’s blue flames. The mouth of the cup was coated with sugar, it’s obvious but it was a drink that one would find in a hotel’s bar lounge. Yes. It was extremely delicious.

Blue Crepe (¥1000)

A crepe with blue whipped cream, a rice flour dumpling sprinkled with cocoa, fruit, and ice cream with blue syrup… An extremely fashionable item. Berry sauce was mixed with the blue syrup and left a very beautiful impression.
Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc had many sad parts, so it seems like the bitterness of the cocoa sprinkled on the dumpling symbolized that. They captured every last detail of the atmosphere in Blue Exorcist. It may be a dish that fans love. I reminisced over the plot as I ate and almost cried.

You can choose how much blue syrup you would like! It has a mild taste, just like Rin’s flames!

There is a never-ending list of collaboration menu items that I would like to introduce.
Depending on the day you visit, available items may differ so please check the home page for details. (Japanese only)


’Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc-‘ faces its climax!

Every Friday (the day of the anime broadcast), Kyoto Tower is lit up with blue lights!

The anime Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc finally gears up for the climax. I’m sure those of you who have read the manga are excited watch the anime every week. Of course I am one of those people.
With this collaboration, the love from Kyoto Tower towards the anime and the original work was conveyed and was very impressive. The collaboration will be running until 9 April 2017, so those who have a chance to visit Kyoto, please stop by!
It seems that the contents of the collaboration will change slightly after 27 March 2017! Exactly what kind of event will it become? I’m also looking forward to this!

You can enter on a normal ticket but during the collaboration period, you can buy a Blue Exorcist ticket on the day you visit so let’s use this opportunity and get the ticket with Tawawa-chan.
How was the report on the collaboration between Blue Exorcist and Kyoto Tower?
I’m taking requests for events you want covered by MANGA.TOKYO so be sure to leave lots of comments!
Of course, I’m also waiting for comments like ‘I read this article so I decided to go take a look.’

Kyoto Tower Basic information

〒600-8216 Kyoto-shi, Shimogyou-ku, Karasuma Street, Shijou Sagaru, Higashi Shiokoujichou 721-1

Entrance fee
Adults: ¥770
High schoolers: ¥620
Elementary, middle schoolers: ¥520
Child, 3 years and under: ¥150

9:00~21:00(Last entrance 20:40)
※Opening hours are subject to change.


Sky Lounge -KUU- Basic information

Opening Hours

Cafe Time

[Weekdays]15:00~20:00(Last Order / 19:45)
[Weekends/Holidays]12:00~20:00(LO / 19:45)

Bar Time

[Everyday]18:00~23:00(LO / 22:30)

※The elevator to Sky Lounge -KUU- (Observatory 3F) is free.
※There is a fee for those who enter after 18:00 (¥300)
※Please note that there are situations in which reservation is not possible.