Inori Minase Releases Music Video for ‘Haruzora’

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

Voice actress Inori Minase has released a short version of her music video for her song Haruzora on her official YouTube channel. The song will be on her 1st album Innocent flower, which will be released on 5 April 2017.
Inori Minase made her solo singer debut in December 2015 and released two singles the following year. On her first album will be 12 songs, including the previous singles. The song Haruzora will be, as the titles suggests, about spring (haru in Japanese). Spring is the season of meetings and partings, where we gain new experiences and the lyrics also talk about taking one step forward.
The music video includes everything that Minase loves: music, listening to music and singing. The first warm rays of sunlight are also portrayed beautifully.

This time, the music video is only a short version, with a run-time of just under 2 minutes. The full version is included in the limited edition of the album on a blu-ray disc. That disc will also include music videos of her previous singles, Yume no tsubomi, harmony ribbon and Starry Wish.

The 15 second TV advertisement for Innocent flower has also been released. It shows parts of the Haruzora music