Manga Creator Aoi Michiyuki Posts Manga About OCD Diagnosis

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Apollo ni Sayonara manga creator Aoi Michiyuki posted a four-page manga on her Twitter page on Thursday. The manga focuses on the time when she failed as a first grader to understand why one plus one equals two and was told she has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The creator noted that the manga is sort of a gag comedy, but it brings up Painful feelings at the same time. In the manga, Michiyuki recalls a doctor that taught her it is not a problem to forget some things and it can be good to make mistakes. Even now, the man’s words continue to help her. The creator suddenly remembered incidents from her childhood and decided to draw the manga.

In the story, Michiyuki was often praised in kindergarten, so she thinks elementary school will also be a piece of cake. However, the problems begin on day one. The girl does not understand the concepts of “1” or “2,” let alone why one plus one equals two. Her classmates understand, but Michiyuki is left out and struggles to finish a worksheet.

Michiyuki’s teacher asks her why she is taking so long to finish the worksheet. She is very nervous because