March 9 Was Zaku Day! Check Out the Survey Results of ‘Your Favorite Zaku’

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

March 9 is known as the ‘Zaku Day’ among Gundam fans, a pun on 3 (Za) and 9 (Ku) in Japanese. The website Anime!Anime! held a quick survey from 14:00 to 16:00 on Zaku Day asking about the respondent’s favorite Zaku type! There were more than 60 types of Zaku mobile suits as the nominees, and the respondents were only allowed to choose one.

In a short period of just two hours, Anime!Anime! received votes from a total of 298 people. The majority were men, who accounted for about 90% of all votes. Each of the age groups resulted in 20% (10’s), 30% (20’s), 20% (30’s) and 20% (40’s), and the average age was relatively high.

First Place Goes to Zaku II Mass Production Type

The winner of the survey was Zaku II Mass Production Type. This Zaku left a huge impact on many Gundam fans, for it was the first mobile suit that appeared in the Gundam series. Second place went to Zaku Char Aznable Custom. This Zaku was the first mobile suit which Char Aznable, the flying ace of the Principality of Zeon, was riding in Mobile Suit Gundam. Third place went to Zaku F2 Type which appeared in Mobile