Onsen Musume: Japanese hot springs turn into cute anime schoolgirl idols【Video】

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Find out what the country’s most well-known onsen look like as a cute idol group in their very first video.

When it comes to anthropomorphising inanimate objects, nobody does it quite like Japan. From historical swords as handsome men in the animated game Touken Ranbu to warships as cute girls in anime series KanColle, talented illustrators around the country have a knack for turning the world’s most unlikely objects into cute wide-eyed anime stars.

Now it’s time for Japan’s onsen hot springs to come to life as anime characters, with a group of animated idols called “Onsen Musume” or “Onsen Girls“. Created by a start-up company called Enbound, in conjunction with Tokyo Otaku Mode and Dai-ichi Kangyo Credit Cooperative, the characters are part of a new multimedia project designed to help promote Japanese hot springs. And if the new promotional video for the group is anything to go by, these girls are definitely going to do a good job of getting people interested in the country’s onsen.

Take a look at the girls’ debut in