Sakura season officially starts in Tokyo as cherry blossoms begin blooming in the capital

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Japan Meteorological Agency makes the call one day earlier than anticipated.

After a sunny and pleasantly warm weekend in the Tokyo area, rain clouds rolled into eastern Japan on Monday evening. But though wet, foggy atmospheric conditions greeted Tokyoites as they woke up on Tuesday morning, March 21 also brought with it the surest sign of spring in Japan, as the cherry blossoms officially have begun blooming in Tokyo.

Making that call is the Tokyo Regional Headquarters office of the Japan Meteorological Agency. Each year, the organization keeps a close eye on a set of representative somei yoshino sakura trees that grow on the grounds of Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo. When flowers are observed blooming on six or more trees, the agency considers the sakura to be in bloom, and that criteria was met on the morning of March 21.

The happy event comes a day earlier than the March 22 date predicted by the Japan Meteorological Corporation (a separate entity from the Japan Meteorological Agency), and five days sooner than