Say hello to the new Easter doughnut range from Krispy Kreme Japan

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Easter is the time to eat cute ladybugs in Japan.

Krispy Kreme is known for celebrating some of the world’s most popular holidays with adorable lines of limited-edition doughnuts in Japan. We’ve fallen in love with their Christmas and Halloween ranges in the past, and in recent years they’ve been charming us with some pretty impressive Easter collections too.

Last year, the doughnut chain gave us a trio of treats for the spring holiday, which included an Easter egg, an Easter chick, and an adorable bunny-in-a-hole. This year, they’re bringing back two of our favourites, and adding a brand new character for us to feast our eyes and mouths on too.

The “Caramel Crispy Easter” returns again this year, as it has every year since it first hatched in stores back in 2014. Containing a slightly bitter caramel cream filling, this treat has a flaked roast almond “egg” base which provides a crunchy counterpart to the delightfully chewy doughnut. 

▼ The sweet is finished off with a tart orange