Scum's Wish ‒ Episode 10

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Quick disclaimer: for whatever reason, Amazon‘s subtitles for this episode were not great, with stiff grammar and confusing word choices that often had me investigating the original Japanese lines to figure everybody’s emotions out. For a goofier example of this problem, Minagawa asks Kanai “Are you a cheatable?” at one point, a phrase I have never heard in my life. In that instance, it was a lot easier to just listen for the original Japanese word. (Hint: the translation they should have gone with rhymes with “duckoldry.”) To make a long story short, I had way more trouble than usual with this episode thanks to the wonky translation, so try not to hold any misunderstandings against me too much.

Well, Scum’s Wish really surprised me this week. For perhaps the first time, this series caught me off guard by delivering exactly what I expected to happen from start to finish.

On the one hand, being able to see these “twists” coming is at least a sign of consistent characterization; Mugi, Minagawa, and Kanai are absolutely the people they’ve said they are for the past several episodes, and each of their actions this week make total sense. On the other hand,