Tales of Zestiria the X ‒ Episode 23

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I knew it was too good to be true. We’d come all this way, twenty-four episodes in a battle fantasy story without losing a main character. There’s no way we could continue to be so lucky. The fact that the title of the episode was “Become the Wind” led me to suspect a victim, because if that’s not a death flag title for a wind Seraph, I don’t know what is. Since we haven’t had time to get attached to Zaveid, story logic dictates that Dezel would be the one to die.

Sometimes I hate being right.

What’s most upsetting about Dezel’s death isn’t so much that it happens, but that he appears to embrace it deliberately. He knows he and Rose are weakened from their Armatization, so to ensure that he won’t make it, he even borrows Zaveid’s dragon-killing gun, which would use up enough of his power to kill both the dragons and himself. Why is he so determined to die? Couldn’t he have asked Zaveid to use the gun in his stead? After all, Zaveid has no issue with doing things his own way, no matter what Sorey says. Does Dezel feel that badly about how