The return of X Japan to Japan, completed with their first autograph session in 30 years

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The visual-kei, metal, classically-inspired rock band is returning with a single message: “We are X.”

Even though the musical landscape of Japan is currently full of carefully-curated boy and girl super groups, anyone who is familiar with the music scene in the 80s and 90s recognizes the name X Japan.

According to Gene Simmons, the front man of KISS, in the promo video for the documentary film We Are X, X Japan might have been one of the greatest bands ever if they had been based in the U.S. or performed in English. That’s high praise from the singer of arguably one of the greatest rock bands in the world.

Ever since the reformation of the band in 2008 with original members Yoshiki, Toshi and Pata, along with their bass guitarist Heath and the addition of Sugizo, the guitarist from Luna Sea, X Japan began their steady return back to the ears and hearts of fans across the world.

But even with their official reunion, there has only been a smattering of live shows and appearances, clearly not enough to satisfy their immense fan base. However, the winds are changing for the group after a year-long delay due