Tiny house in Japanese woods is the getaway we’d love to escape to【Video】

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getaway home becomes a family home, with a young father who says his ties to family are stronger thanks to downsized living.

In the mountainous woods of Sakuho, in Nagano Prefecture, a tucked-away cottage stands as a testament to the benefits that can come from living in a tiny home. Designed by a young father named Daigo, who built this tiny cottage on unused family land with a group of friends from school, the wooden cabin was first created as a getaway for him and his friends to hang out in, but today the place now acts as a home for Daigo and his young family.

While the owner says his family benefits from living in a small space rather than a larger one, the cabin also runs entirely off the grid, with composting toilets, solar panels to provide electricity and fresh water that runs from a shrine in the mountains.

For a breath of fresh mountain air, take a look at Daigo’s tiny home in the video below:

The cabin was inspired by