Universal Studios Japan and Kewpie Mayo to offer delightfully convoluted Kewpie-Elmo-Easter-Eggs

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Japan will see your chocolate-carrying rabbit and raise you a co-opted mayonnaise mascot wearing a muppet costume.

With Halloween the latest western holiday to have been assimilated into Japanese culture, it is becoming all too apparent that Easter is next in line to be marketed to the country. It will be a hard sell, however, mostly due to the holiday’s confusing schedule based on a lunisolar calendar.

Looking past that, there are also the unusual customs of painting eggs and then searching for them after a giant rabbit hides them. This is all done in an apparent homage to the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ.

However, these weaknesses may also be Easter’s strengths as it’s clearly pretty flexible in terms of traditions. For example, if Universal Studios Japan (USJ) wants to give away Easter eggs with a Kewpie doll dressed as Elmo dressed as a bunny, who’s to say: “Harumph! That isn’t Easter.”