Updates on Sisterly Yuri Anime ’Citrus’

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citrus is a popular manga by Saburouta, which has been serialized in Comic Yuri Hime since January 2013.
Everything starts when Yuzu, who looks like a ‘gyaru’ but hasn’t been in love even once, has to change schools because her mother re-marries. ‘I can’t find a boyfriend!’, she explodes on her first day at school and meets Mei, a beautiful girl with black hair and the president of the student council. Mei, who is feared by her peers, becomes stepsisters with Yuzu through their parents new marriage.
When Yuzu sees Mei kiss a teacher, Mei gives her a kiss as well, telling her ‘This is what a kiss is like.’

It is a relationship of love and hate, with the greatest charm being the ‘love affair between sisters’. The original manga has 6 volumes (over 520.000 copies sold) and is very popular.

At Anime Japan (25-26 March 2017) exclusive illustrations by Saburouta will appear on clear files and wall scrolls to be sold at the Inifinite Booth (Exhibition Hall J17).

A big cut out from ‘citrus’ will also be displayed at the bilibili booth (Exhibition hall A9).
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