A Date with Yui Ogura! KFC Mini-Drama Has A Finish That Will Destroy Our Expressions

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

A collaboration project between voice actress Yui Ogura and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has begun. Accompanying this, a special website was opened on 11 April 2017. (外部リンク

The main axis of the project is a mini drama that is airing on the Anime 24 channel of the internet TV station, AbemaTV.

Yui Ogura’s mini drama is as if she is having a conversation with the viewers

The first broadcast of the three minute show called, Kentucky What if Theater ‘What if Yui Ogura…’was on 13 April 2017, 22:57 – 23:00. The show is broadcast every Thursday at the same time and there will be six broadcasts in total.

Ogura is playing six characters related to KFC’s products. According to the press release, it is ‘as if she is talking with the viewers’ and ‘you can enjoy special time together, just the two of you’.

The titles of all six broadcasts have been released, including Cool Home Tutor, Unwelcoming Secretary and *Boneless Wifeamong other phrases. Starting from ‘girlfriend’, there are other settings and fantasies such as home tutor, little sister, secretary, and wife.

There is also a campaign where you can win goods signed by Yui Ogura by sending