‘Anime Pia Channel’ Voice Actor/Anime-Related Program Information for Last Two Episodes

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On 20 April 2017, two guests will appear on Anime Pia Channel which broadcasts on Fresh! and Nico Nico. One of them is Yuri Asakura, who has been a fixed persona on Anime Pia Channel for some time and is the leader of Kamikawa. They released their 3rd single Basket Queen on 1 March 2017. The second guest is voice actress Sachika Misawa.

Yuri Asakura

During the broadcast viewers will get to see famous voice acting scenes of the two guests, and they will talk about memories they have of the recording or what they felt while doing. There will also be a corner where viewers get to explore the origin of the guests, which will make it possible for both, new and old fans, to enjoy the program.

In the latter half of the broadcast, there will be an ‘Anime Pia Channel Famous Scene Quiz’, where they will be quizzed about famous scenes of the show with impact from the past. Since there have been more than 100 broadcastings of the show, it is the perfect chance to get nostalgic and remember some things that happened previously.
In addition, there is an impersonation interview planned, where we