Blu-ray of ‘One Room’ Comes with Unaired Special Swimsuit Episode!

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The Blu-ray of One Room will go on sale on 26 May 2017. It will include the on TV unreleased episode ‘-another- One Room Yui Hanasaka greets you in a swimsuit/Natsuki Momohara cleans in a swimsuit/Moka Aoshima gives her best in a swimsuit’. Screenshots for the episode were revealed.

The unaired episode shows a short story of our three heroines.
All three of them changed into their swimsuits and are now standing before you! Moka and Yui are in a bikini and Natsuki shows off her school swimsuit.

Furthermore, the official Twitter account (@anime_one_room)is having a campaign until 21 April 2017, titled ‘Blu-ray Hatsubai made ato yaku ikkagetsu! Present Campaign Jisshi!!’ (Roughly one month until the Blu-ray comes out! Present Campaign!!)

They will give out two scripts signed by Moka’s voice actress, Suzuko Mimori. For details, please check out their official Website

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