Brotherly Love Abounds in “Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyoudai” Web Anime

Original Source

SunRise Co., Ltd. is publishing an original short-form web anime entitled Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyoudai (“The Three Plushy Plushy Hinobori Brothers”) about a trio of siblings who work in a toy store that specializes in hand-made stuffed toys.



The main staff for Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyoudai includes:


Original work: SunRise Co., Ltd. Director: Parako Shinohara Animaton production: DLE Inc.


The main cast for Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyoudai includes:


Takuya Eguchi as Kaede Hinobori, the eldest brother. Kaede is in charge of sewing and managing the store. Kōtarō Nishiyama as Aoi Hinobori, the middle brother. Aoi is in charge of selecting patterns and fabrics. Yuki Yonai as Akane Hinobori, the youngest brother. Akane is in charge of advertising and acts as a human sign board.



The story of Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyoudai follows the three Hinobori brothers as they manage nui◆nui, a stuffed toy specialty shop in downtown Tokyo. Their shop is located on a street filled with tool and hardware stores, so their shop isn’t exactly thriving, but the Hinobori brothers are beloved by the townsfolk because they do their best to support themselves while their parents are away on business.