Carbonated drink commercial pulled after being deemed “too dangerous” by viewers

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The company behind Mitsuya Cider apologizes for their thoughtlessness in glorifying reckless behavior in their ad.

Advertisers often try to push the envelope in an effort to make a memorable commercial that keeps a brand in the consciousness of society. However when doing so, lines tend to get crossed and their promotion backfires.

Such is the case with a recent ad for the carbonated drink Mitsuya Cider, which, despite the appley sounding name, is more like Sprite or 7-Up in appearance and flavor. The spot, titled Bokura No Naka (Our Refreshment) has been pulled after receiving numerous complaints from viewers.

Why? Well, the commercial speaks for itself.

Then again, maybe it doesn’t…

Chances are, most people wouldn’t catch what triggered the uproar right away…or maybe ever, but those with some musical experience ought to be able to see it.

In the commercial, a young man and woman played by Ryonosuke Kamiki and Kyoko Yoshine enjoy adolescence to the fullest with friends and, of course, the great