DLE Produces Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyōdai Net Anime Shorts (Updated)

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The goods company SunRise (not related to the anime studio of the same name) opened a website on Thursday to announce that it is producing a net anime series of shorts based on its “Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyōdai” plush and goods line. The anime shorts will also be titled Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyōdai (The Three Nui Nui Hinobori Brothers).

SunRise will release new episodes of the anime on every other Wednesday on YouTube starting on April 26. The anime will also stream on Niconico.

The anime stars:

Takuya Eguchi as Kaede Hinobori, the 23-year-old shop manager who is quiet and airheaded. He also sews and his special skill is making sweets.

Kōtarō Nishiyama as Aoi Hinobori, the 18-year-old pattern maker whose personality is cool, but he can also be a tsundere. His special skill is to make furniture.

Yūki Yonai as Akane Hinobori, the 16-year-old in charge of displays at the shop. He is energetic and innocent, and his special skill is dodgeball.

SunRise is credited with the original work, and DLE Inc. is animating the series. Parako Shinohara (Hakuōki: Otogisōshi) is directing the series.

The series will center on the three Hinobori brothers, who run