‘Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’: Collaborates With Many Popular Japanese Chains!

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The release date of May 6 for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is drawing near and amidst fans’ rising expectations, limited time collaborations are continuously being announced.
First up is a collaboration with Kyoto-born ramen chain ‘Tenka Ippin’. This chain is so popular that it even has a branch in Honolulu!.
If you respond to the QR code which is available inside the restaurants, you can get a special collaboration Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry porcelain bowl.
The bowl features an illustration of Natsu in half-dragon form, a design bound to please both manga and anime fans. Also, This flavour, it is heavy or light?’, a pun based on the movie’s slogan ‘This power, is it hope or destruction?’, is written on the bowl. Tenka Ippin is especially popular for it’s ‘heavy’, thick ramen broth.
In addition, visitors also get the chance to win a place to the cast greetings on the opening night of the movie, so those who can should definitely visit the restaurants.

Also, a collaboration with Sweets Paradise, an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink sweets restaurant, has been announced.
The special menu will be available at 13 stores from 24 April 2017. There also be a present of original goods.

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