FEATURE: Cooking With Anime – Scones from “Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor”

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There is a lot of food you commonly see in anime – curry, rice, ramen, crepes. These things are ubiquitous. All well and good, but I have to confess, from a professional cook’s standpoint, you can only make curry so many different ways before you get bored. In part, this is what makes anime great – not all anime takes place in Japan, so not all food is strictly Japanese. Thus, a lot of food from around the world comes into play with some semblance of regularity! Unfortunately, while these instances aren’t rare, they certainly aren’t common in anime in the way the favored foods of Japan are. 


So, as you can imagine, I was pretty surprised when British scones with cream, jam, and tea turned up in the new anime Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor (yes, I did struggle to get that name right, thanks very much). I’d never seen scones in an anime before, and so I was intrigued. As for the show itself… I’m undecided on this anime so far. There was an exorbitant amount of fan service in the first episode that left me unimpressed, but everything changed when I laid my eyes on these little