FEATURE: The Hook: “Eromanga-sensei,” “RoomMate,” and “Kenka Banchou Otome -Girl Beats Boys-“

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Welcome back to another week of rapid-fire anime samples with The Hook! We’re diving right into the spring season, which means we’re finally seeing a lot of the series we’ve been anticipating all winter. This week, we’ve got one full-length light novel adaptation, plus two shorter series for those of you needing a quick dose of bishonen in your queue.



From the team that brought you Oreimo comes a story of brotherly love and light novels. Masamune Izumi is a high school student who has made a name for himself working as a light novel writer, collaborating with the mysterious Eromanga-sensei — an amazing artist who has a special talent for drawing lewd content. Now, living alone with his shut-in sister Sagiri, he’s redoubling his efforts to make money as a writer… and his collaboration takes on a whole different tone when he discovers that Sagiri and Eromanga-sensei are the same person.


The Hook: Considering the title character’s true identity was a major part of the marketing, the “reveal” that the adorable young Sagiri is Masamune’s collaborator isn’t really that big a deal. What does catch you is what happens to their relationship immediately after. Sure, there are the expected