Gourmet-Fantasy Anime ‘Isekai Shokudo’ Comes Out Summer 2017

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

It has been announced the anime series for the popular series Iseaki Shokudo will air in Summer 2017.
Together with the announcement the teaser visual, official website and official twitter were released. It will be the second work from Hero Bunko that will be turned into an anime this summer, Knight’s &Magic being the other one.

Isekai Shokudo gained huge popularity on the website ‘Shousetsuka ni narou’ (Let’s become a novelist) and is being published by Hero Bunko since February 2015. 3 volumes have been released so far.
The story plays in a 50-year old corner-shop restaurant called ‘Youshoku no Nekoya’ close to the office district. The shop has an ordinary plate with a cat on it at it’s door, but once a week during the ‘Special Sale’ on Saturdays, the door will connect to another world. The customers coming through that door into another world at various places couldn’t be more different. They all are from different places, cultures and races. The charm of this strange restaurant is, that they all can taste the cooking without discrimination in a mysterious atmosphere. The story is a heartwarming display of encounters with people in the restaurant, no matter if those are born in