Gundam the Origin Anime's Loum Arc Debuts on September 2

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Episode 5 will double theater count, screening run compared to previous episodes

Sunrise announced on Friday that “Clash at Loum,” the fifth episode of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin anime and the first in the anime’s “Loum Arc,” will open in Japan on September 2 in 35 theaters — more than double the previous four episodes’ 15 theaters. The episode’s screenings will also be extended to four weeks, double the two-week screening run that each of the previous episodes had.

The anime’s “Loum Arc” will end with the sixth episode, titled “Rise of the Red Comet,” in 2018.

The Bandai Channel began streaming a new trailer for the fifth episode on Friday. (Note: the video at the above link is region-blocked outside of Japan.)

The portal site previously streamed two English-subtitled videos for the “Loum Arc” in December.

The new arc will cover the Battle of Loum, the pivotal conflict in the One Year War’s early days before most of the events depicted in the first Mobile Suit Gundam anime. The battle came after the Operation British space colony drop and other devastating events that wiped out nearly a third of the human population. Char Aznable,